Horton Accounting Services

WWW: www.hortonaccountingservices.co.uk

We are specialists in Accounts Payable processes for all kinds of businesses and, more importantly, proud supporters of Dudley Lions Football Club.

We go round to businesses for short and long term assistance in either helping maintain or develop Accounts Payable processes. Whether it is either the improvement of the department and it’s operations, maintenance of existing processes, or assistance with the implementation of new systems, we can offer professional, honest advice.

Why do we support the Dudley Lions?

The Dudley Lions are an amazing, upcoming club in the West Midlands Christian Football League, and it was through Twitter we found each other.

We have been keeping an eye on the club and their progress, and with their effort and determination, we felt it was time to reward them for their outstanding work, and when we saw they needed a main sponsor for the club, we couldn’t help but jump straight in there.

We are so excited to see what the next two years bring to the club. We are certain they will do exceptionally well, and look forward to working with them.